How far are you willing to go?


Nilesh founded two start-ups and served board members and C-level executives of leading private equity firms and Fortune 500 companies. Despite the great experiences he hadn't figured out how to best add value to the world. So he walked away from a lucrative career on Wall Street.


Earth is our only home


He decided to find and tackle the biggest problems he believes face humanity and our planet: agriculture and water. To address these issues he earned a Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Texas A&M University. 


Give more than you take


After graduation he secured an agricultural engineer position in a small farm town of 272 residents and then left to start 1AU.  In his spare time he volunteers at Engineers Without Borders and experiments with a vertical urban farm at his home.


It starts by deconstructing the way we live.  We are responsible for the depletion of our planet’s resources, the result of hedonistic choices.  It demands unification of humanity with nature.  


With courage we stare reality in the face knowing we must adjust our internal compass to transform the course of human progress.


Instead of passively awaiting the future we seize the present by taking risks, making mistakes, and throwing away what doesn’t work.  It's the struggle of human endeavour that brings us a sense of adventure and excitement.


We eschew rhetoric and choose action. We curiously keep our eyes and mind open and participate in a sharing economy. 


A symbiotic relationship between our species and nature is not just about sustainability; 1AU is a movement to unleash freedom for all humankind.



200 yrs




It takes
to replenish 1 cm of soil